Symbiosis of wood and glass

One of Achilleas Sdoukos's missions is not only to create unique solitaires, but also to offer complete interior solutions by creating series of tailor-made artworks. Luxury cottages in Penati Golf Resort Šajdíkove Humence are proof, that glass can complement the minimalist, modern, and well-thought-out wooden house. Loxone technology makes the cottage a fully intelligent, energy passive house, which thinks and works for you.

Across the luxury cottages you can find several unique paintings from Ingrid Zámečníková's atelier. Majority of artworks are from Achille's studio, including the glass clock in the living room or the mirror in the lobby. Beautiful and extraordinary house accessory is his glass kitchen wall that plays with a full range of colours offered by the changing led backlight. With the different lightning during the day it changes its appearance while bringing other details to the fore.

Cooperation with this luxury resort was established via its project architect, who met Achilleas Sdoukos a few years ago. She suggested using several glass paintings in the premises of the Luxury Cottages. The combination of wood and glass was so unique that later it became the motif of a complex interconnection within the project, and the glass works became an integral part of the symbiosis of the wooden houses in Penati Golf Resort.

Imagine a cottage planned to the very last detail, made of 100 % natural and luxurious materials with custom-made wooden furniture. A smart home that takes care of everything for you.

By planning the construction of another major project, which you can read more about HERE, this cooperation has taken on new dimensions. As a proud partner, we look forward to showing you more news from our ongoing collaboration.